What was the secret? They wanted to know, in a thousand different ways they wanted to know THE SECRET. And not one of them was prepared, truly prepared to believe that it had not so much to do with chemicals and zippy mental tricks as with that most unprofound and sometimes heart rending process of removing, molecule by molecule, the very tough rubber that comprised the bottom of his running shoes. - John L. Parker

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back from Hiatus

It's been almost seven months since my last post, when I had to stop training for the Cleveland Marathon due to shin pain. The summer was pretty eventful. I got my first paper published(!) and got married(!!) and my wife is a cross country coach(!!!).  It was fun getting to go to all of her meets in the fall, but I wasn't doing a whole lot of running myself. I ran the Broadview Heights 5k (18:28) and the Oktoberfest 5k (18:51) and both were pretty disappointing performances.  I really wasn't able to train consistently until September, and now I have finally worked my way back into somewhat decent shape. There are still two more races on the docket (Cleveland Turkey Trot and Reindeer Run) and I'm hoping to still finish strong in the Hermes Road Race Series.

What's more exciting though is that I was that the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon invited me back to be an official blogger for 2014!  Hopefully this year I at least make it to the starting line. I plan to run the 10k which is a distance I am a lot more comfortable with, and I have lots of ideas for posts this year.  Also, many of the bloggers from last year are back and you should definitely check out their blogs too.

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