What was the secret? They wanted to know, in a thousand different ways they wanted to know THE SECRET. And not one of them was prepared, truly prepared to believe that it had not so much to do with chemicals and zippy mental tricks as with that most unprofound and sometimes heart rending process of removing, molecule by molecule, the very tough rubber that comprised the bottom of his running shoes. - John L. Parker

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rite Aid Cleveland 10k Training: Week 18

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is getting ever closer.  This week was pretty busy and I only had time to double two days.  On Monday I did mile repeats and it was a struggle.  I crashed pretty hard and the last one was barely faster than tempo pace.  Still, I feel like these workouts are helping.  The fact that they are so tough for me makes me think that they are really getting to the core of my weaknesses as a runner.

On Wednesday we had another blogger meetup.  Steph, Jamie, and Renassa, were there along with Joan and Jen from the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  It was unfortunate that we couldn't get a bigger gathering but it's tough since we all have so many commitments.  Some had work conflicts, others live out of state, and one blogger was busy touring New England after her husband tore it up at the Boston Marathon!
We were a few bloggers short but it was a fun time!
Two representatives from Carb Boom were also there.  Carb Boom is supplying the gels for the aid stations in the marathon.  I'm no gel expert, but apparently Carb Boom has a higher complex carb to simple carb ratio than other gels which should give you more sustained energy.  The primary source of carbohydrates in these is maltodextrin, which is basically a low molecular weight starch.  Anyway, you can get a 20% discount on their gels if you use the code CLEMARATHON when ordering.

On Saturday I ran in the Cleveland 10 Miler.  You can read my race recap here.  I was really sore for the rest of the day but after sleeping 12 hours last night I felt fine today!

Just three weeks til the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon!

This weeks runs:

Monday: AM - 5 mi easy
               PM - Track workout: 4x1600m w/ 400m jog recovery: 5:25, 5:44, 5:46, 5:55 - 6.6 mi total
Tuesday: 5 mi easy
Wednesday: 5 mi easy
Thursday: AM - 2.5 mi easy
                PM - 4 mi tempo, 6 mi total

Friday: 5 mi easy

Saturday: Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler - 58:39, 14 mi total

Sunday: rest day

Total: 49.1 miles

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